Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Introducing The Fox Den

Introducing The Fox Den

I wanted to give a small plug to The Fox Den which is the new online community of Holden's Power Base Selling alumni of which I'm a member and for which I'm trying to garner a little bit of support. If you've ever read and enjoyed the book or better still done the course and benefited from it, I think you'll enjoy this new facility. If you haven't read Power Base Selling then you can read mine and others' reviews and buy the book at - I also reviewed it on the Goodreads website. I think anyone in B2B sales, (particularly major account type sales) will get something from it.

Holden International's President Ryan Kubacki sees The Fox Den as a logical extension of Holden's pioneering Power Base Selling methodology. "Selling is a science. That science is what sets Power Base Selling apart, and it's what sets Holden graduates apart from their competitors," Kubacki says. "The Fox Den will provide them with an ongoing source of valuable information, and critical connections, that will help them attain even greater levels of company and career success."

Holden alumni will be eligible to enter the inner chambers of The Fox Den, giving them exclusive access to white papers, rich media content and other Holden materials. Holden alumni and friends of Holden can register their interest now by visiting


If you're a business networker I'd like to introduce to a few of the lesser known sites on the web which you may find interesting to participate in; you can get an idea of the '' site via my profile, and also my profile at and via the  professional profile site, aptly named.

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